You'll enjoy the Homeschool Resource Guide shipped with every game! It includes discounts (over $200!) and special offers from homeschool curriculum providers and other homeschool-friendly companies. These discounts alone will more than pay for your purchase of HOMESCHOOLOPOLY®! What a great deal - it's like getting the game for free!

HOMESCHOOLOPOLY® plays like any other "Monopoly®" type game so most already know how to play it. The theme of the game of course is homeschooling! HSLDA is in the game so even if the Truant Officer sends you to Court, you can use your Get Out of Court HSLDA Member card. The properties are real homeschool companies (like Rosetta Stone, Sonlight Curriculum, Rainbow Resources, etc.) with information about the company on the back of the property card. Stacks of books (houses) are purchased for your properties with the ultimate goal of acquiring "Keys to Knowledge" (hotels). The most popular forms of Homeschool transportation make up the "railroads": Big Family Bus, Cool As Can Be SUV, Many-Van (get it?) and Wee Little Wagon. The money in the pot goes to "Field Trip!". Be careful or you might land on and have to pay the $200 Public School Tax where dad is shown shedding a few tears. The Grace and Mercy cards (Chance/Community Chest) are homeschool themed and very funny! You can see a few of them here along with some other pictures.

Treasure – this word originates from the Greek word thesaurus
where the literal meaning is "a treasure of words".

HOMESCHOOLOPOLY® would also make a great gift for any of your homeschooling friends or a thank you gift for your homeschool support group leader or homeschool library contribution!  And we've even included a bonus eight-page color Q&A informational brochure about homeschooling that is perfect to keep or give away to someone who is new to, or interested in homeschooling.

Make sure to see if your game contains a silver or gold ticket!

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Game Picture

Game Picture

PTA Card
Vehicles Card

Game Picture

Homeschoolopoly Picture


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