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Join Pamela, a homeschooling mom since 1993 with four children, one grown and three still at home. Journey through the years in a very unique and realistic view of homeschooling and family life as she shares:

  • tips on homeschooling with major health issues (M.S., Celiac, Asperger’s, ADHD, and more).
  • the stability homeschooling has provided while living in ten different homes and five states!
  • how her son graduated at sixteen, began college at seventeen, and graduated college at twenty all while starting, building and running his very successful internet development and marketing business.
  • her daughter’s transitions from homeschool to public school to homeschool to private school.
  • what she has come to learn about socialization from her own experiences.
  • why the journey is even more rewarding when we walk by faith, not by sight!
  • and much more... complete table of contents here.

“If you are a homeschooling mom who is encouraged just to know there is
someone else like you – let me introduce you to my friend, Pamela. Opening this
book is the beginning of an adventure you won’t want to end.”

- Mrs. Lorrie Flem, Publisher of TEACH Magazine

“As a stay at home dad, this book has challenged, excited, and deeply moved me. Pamela writes in a way that is both inspiring and uplifting while providing the hope that you can be a great homeschool parent.”
- Mr. Don Crosby, Homeschooling Father in Atlanta, GA

"I wanted to let you know your wonderful book arrived the other day and I have been really enjoying reading it. I have a hard time putting it down in fact! You are a great writer and it is so interesting. I hope you will continue to write. Thank you so much for all your inspiration to homeschoolers!"
- Cheryl Ferguson

I found such encouragement in this book. It tells the story of one home school family, with all its ups and downs: no whitewashed, "everything will be easy and perfect" book here! Pamela Berthume honestly details the struggles involved in homeschooling, but reveals the rich rewards in store for those who persevere. She outlines the "whys" of deciding to home school as well as the "hows": what to study, how to fit in chores, maintaining a relationship with your spouse, how to find support, etc.

Most importantly, she shows that a family with many health issues can home school and thrive. Because I share some of the debilitating illnesses she describes, I felt hope for my future as a homeschooling Mom. Anyone interested in homeschooling will find inspiration from Pamela's story, but if you have chronic health problems and home school (or are thinking about starting), you must get this book!

- Karen Palmer, editor at Write My Essays

Both engaging and rare in format, her original book, originally written in 1999 was updated in 2007. New insights, updates and stories from her ongoing journey were added to the original. This unusual format offers the reader the unique perspective of sharing in their homeschool journey.

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