We received the Homeschoolopoly game two days ago. Thanks. My son has been enjoying it almost non-stop. All his friends have been playing it with him. He was so excited to receive it. -- Susan

"Hi Greg!  The game arrived yesterday, and it's already being played.  We use Sonlight and Rosetta Stone so the kids were tickled to see it on there.

It far exceeded our expectations!" -- :-)  Cate

"What better way is there to learn about capitalism, investing, and money than Monopoly? Try Homeschoolopoly! Now my family delights in playing the beautiful new homeschool version surrounded by faithful friends, like HSLDA and TEACHmagazine.com. Midnight of December 31, 2006 we ushered in the new year playing Homeschoolopoly and drinking root beer floats. I do have one question, now that I have learned all about real estate investing, why is it that I am still driving around in a thimble? :) We love Homeschoolopoly and know you will too." -- Mrs. Lorrie Flem, Publisher TEACHmagazine.com

"I just wanted to pass along some comments.  Our daughter has always liked to play Monopoly, so when I saw the ad for Homeschoolopoly, I thought it would make a great family Christmas gift.  I was right!  We have played it numerous times already, and really enjoyed it.  We like the familiarity with Monopoly, but enjoy the little twists that make it different.  It is a great adaptation.  Thank you!" -- Linda

"I ordered a Homeschoolopoly from you and asked you to mail it to my nieces and nephews house for Christmas...I just really had to email you to say thank you so much for such an awesome game and for shipping it so quickly. I couldn't believe how fast they received it! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!" -- Christina

"We recently purchased "Homeschoolopoly"....and my entire family loves it!! We play it almost every friday night...it is such a great way of bringing the family together for some good clean fun." -- Kristen

"We played Homeschoolopoly last night with our children.  We had a blast.  The instructions were easy to understand.  The children learned a little about handling money.  And we all had a lovely evening." -- The Pattersons

"We are loving the game! My original plan was to save it for Christmas, I was too excited to do that. I tore into it the moment UPS delivered it and we sat down right away to play it! The kids can't stop once we get going. They all love it! And you sure can't beat the customer service! The game is great and so are you two! Thanks for such a fun game!" -- Kathy

"By the way, we loved the game. My husband is hooked, and our 7 year got the concept of buying and selling really quickly. My 11 year old loves the grace and mercy cards, and I love the games information. Our 2 year old loves to roll the dice. I can't wait for Homeschoolopoly Jr." -- Genia

"We LOVE it! Thank you so much for a wonderful game, well made board and quality pieces - this one will last for years!" -- Christina

"We LOVE the game. My 7-year-old beats the pants off me every time! Thanks again, for a wonderful game. We look forward to the Jr. edition." -- Shannon

"I received the games today and they are great!  I am going to enjoy giving these as Christmas gifts this year.  Thank you for the quick delivery.  :) Thank you for creating this wonderful game and for your support of the Homeschool Foundation!" -- Sheila

"Brad came home from church with our game, I was looking at how it was packaged and thinking how professional! Then I opened the box and WOW! How impressive!!!!! We spent time just reading the board and different parts of the game and finally at 10 pm said "we've got to get Joseph to bed! You two have done a truly fantastic job on putting this all together and in such a short period of time!" -- Patti

"I received the games. They are great! I love the packaging and the way they were shipped. Very professional. I'm really impressed! It looks like you thought of everything." -- Mindy

"We received our Homeschoolopoly game yesterday. What a game! It was originally going to be a Christmas present, but I was much too excited to wait until Christmas to play! Homeschoolopoly is a great, fun game! We all enjoyed it so much, even though I was the first one to go bankrupt. I think this would make a great Christmas present for any family that homeschools." -- Betsy

"It is so neat to have our own game as homeschoolers! I absolutely love the disclaimer on the box, “2 to 6 Players—Ages *8 to Adult *Homeschoolers tend to be advanced, so ages may vary.” -- Lisa

"We enjoy this game so much! Thanks for making it!" -- Sandi

"Awesome game!" -- Brandi

"We really enjoyed the game!!" -- Jodie

"We wanted you to know that we LOVE Homeschoolopoly! Thanks for creating it!" -- Marla

"We purchased this game for Christmas, and we can’t get enough of it!  It is very well designed and of good quality." -- Greg and Brenda

"Great game! We won it at our LEAH Christmas party, and I was probably the person with the least interest in it because my children's ages are 6, 5, 4, and 1.5. I usually pray to win but  this time I said to myself, "Let someone else win." And lo and behold, my son's name was picked. Josiah, 6, was shocked because he just asked me what a door prize was, and I said they would say, "And the winner is Josiah Sommers." And that is exactly what happened seconds later. He is in first grade, and this is our first year homeschooling so I wasn't thinking we were going to play for a year or two. But he insisted. Two and half hours the first day, and two hours the next to finish it. He loved it and so did I! And I am not a typical Monopoly player. The Grace and Mercy cards just cracked me up! Thank you for this great game." -- Caramia

"We had a great time playing this game! I'll be sharing this with my support group!!" -- Kimberly

"Thank you so much for this wonderful game! We love it!" -- John

"Hi Pamela and family, It's funny, I am starting to feel like I know you from reading your book! I just wanted to let you know, we finally sat down today and played your game. We loved it! It was so much fun! And it was really great having the web sites on the cards. I am going to have fun checking out all those companies! We plan to use your game for our next family game nite so Daddy can play too! I am going to tell all my friends how much fun this game is. We have a Homeschool Newsletter in the group I belong to, and I will see if they will let me write about your game so others can learn about it. They are always asking for articles relating to Homeschooling. Thank you again for your great products!" -- Cheryl

"Awesome Game! My whole family loves it!" -- Jodie

"I'd like to buy Rosetta Stone please."
"I already own it."
"Would you consider a trade? I'll give you Rainbow Resource and a Cool As Can Be SUV…"
"Toss in HSLDA and you've got yourself a deal!"

No, you haven't just wandered into a Donald Trump takeover of the homeschooling world.  But you may be calling your son or daughter `The Donald' before you are through with this fun new twist on an old favorite. Homeschoolopoly features the companies we deal with, the events we attend, even the worries that keep us up at night, from public school tax, one of the few items left from the classic board game, to the truancy officer that sends you straight to court – do not pass home sweet homeschool, do not collect $200.  Filled with so many inside jokes and lingo, perhaps the game's only failing is your publically educated family and friends may not get it.

Did I mention the game was designed by some veteran homeschoolers?  Seems obvious, perhaps, but the added magic of the game happens when you turn over any property card.  On the back you'll find a summary of what that company does and full contact information.  Discussions abound during family game time as everyone discovers new homeschooling resources within their own property holdings – imagine
buying Homeschooling Parent magazine during the game, then going online and finding out how to set up a free subscription for your entire support group!

At its core, Homeschoolopoly is based off of and works just like the similarly named classic game.  You buy properties and try to create monopolies.  Houses and hotels have been replaced with stacks of books and keys to knowledge, chance and community chest are now grace and mercy. Not designed for playing a quick game, in our home we found the game worked wonderfully when played over the course of several nights, allowing plenty of time for backroom property negotiations and tips from Dad on how to beat Mom the Robber Baron.  Everyone in our family heartily recommends this game – Dad, Mom, and 11yo kid. - Review by Annette Keenberg

Product Review by Lisa Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse®, LLC, November, 2006


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