Annette K. from Los Angeles, CA wrote the following on 07/05/2007:

“I’d like to buy Rosetta Stone please.” “I already own it.” “Would you consider a trade? I’ll give you Rainbow Resource and a Cool As Can Be SUV…” “Toss in HSLDA and you’ve got yourself a deal!” No, you haven’t just wandered into a Donald Trump takeover of the homeschooling world. But you may be calling your son or daughter ‘The Donald’ before you are through with this fun new twist on an old favorite. Homeschoolopoly features the companies we deal with, the events we attend, even the worries that keep us up at night, from public school tax, one of the few items left from the classic board game, to the truancy officer that sends you straight to court – do not pass home sweet homeschool, do not collect $200. Filled with so many inside jokes and lingo, perhaps the game’s only failing is your publically educated family and friends may not get it. Did I mention the game was designed by some veteran homeschoolers? Seems obvious, perhaps, but the added magic of the game happens when you turn over any property card. On the back you’ll find a summary of what that company does and full contact information. Discussions abound during family game time as everyone discovers new homeschooling resources within their own property holdings – imagine buying Homeschooling Parent magazine during the game, then going online and finding out how to set up a free subscription for your entire support group! At it's core, Homeschoolopoly is based off of and works just like the similarly named classic game. You buy properties and try to create monopolies. Houses and hotels have been replaced with stacks of books and keys to knowledge, chance and community chest are now grace and mercy. Not designed for playing a quick game, in our home we found the game worked wonderfully when played over the course of several nights, allowing plenty of time for backroom property negotiations and tips from Dad on how to beat Mom the Robber Baron. Everyone in our family heartily recommends this game – Dad, Mom, and 11yo kid. review.

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